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Services And Rates

Paying for Massage, Yomassage® or Yoga is an investment in your health.

Not only can these wonderful services relieve physical and emotional stress and tension, they can improve sleep quantity and quality, increase immune efficiency, improve circulation, enhance healing, relieve pain, decrease scar tissue accumulation, improve quality of muscle and connective tissues, and help you maintain optimal health and wellness.

Travel Fee for Corporate Event Out Calls $25/  per location

  • Chair Massage $1/min, 1 hour minimum for Out Calls to corporate events or private functions

Therapeutic Services

  • Myofascial Cupping $95/1 hour
    • Save 10% by prepaying for an entire 6 session Treatment Plan
    • Using Silicone Cups to create suction, the superficial layers of skin and fascia are gently lifted and separated from the underlying tissues which removes adhesions, reduces pain and inflammation, and allows the skin and fascia to lay smoother. The suction pulls blood, lymph and interstitial fluid through the tissues providing greater nutrition and supply thus promoting improved healing and immune activity, better cell reproduction and healthier soft tissues in general. This can focus on specific problem areas or as an overall substitute for Deep Pressure techniques since it produces less initial discomfort despite being an effective Deep Tissue Therapy. 
    • Add Myofascial Cupping to another massage service for $15 in order to work on a couple trouble spots.
  • Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage $45/30 min, $60/45 min, $75/60 minutes, $90/75 min, $105/90 min, $135/120 min
    • I combine Manual Therapies including Myofascial Release (not Cups), Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point Release, Swedish Massage and stretching to give the best possible results including pain relief, reduced inflammation, enhanced functionality, increased Range of Motion, and improved athletic performance. Patients are encouraged to stay well hydrated and rest after a session to reduce initial discomfort which may last 24-48 hours while the tissues recover from the treatment.
  • Migraine Relief $85/ 60 minutes
    • Upper back, head and neck massage incorporating Cold Marble stones, essential oils, pressure points and deep tissue work in order to reduce or relieve your existing migraine. 

Relaxation Services

  • Relaxation Massage $45/30 min, $60/45 min, $75/60 minutes, $90/75 min, $105/90 min, $135/120 min
    • Various techniques and degrees of pressure are used to initiate the relaxation response in order to reduce stress and muscular tension, elevate mood, enhance quality and quantity of sleep, increase circulation, augment immune activity, and improve overall health. Full Body treatments are 60 minutes or more and can have wonderful results to aid recovery or help you get through life stresses you may encounter.
  • Pre-Natal (Pregnancy) Massage $85 / 60 minutes
    • Gentle massage to reduce discomfort and swelling during that miraculous time of growing a little human being in your body. 
  • Hot Stone Massage $100 / 60 minutes, $125/ 90 minutes
    • Basalt Stones are heated to 110 degrees F and incorporated into a relaxing massage to soothe stresses, ease aches and pains, and reconnect with yourself. This moving heat treatment has been called "The Cadillac of Relaxation Services" by many patients. 
  • Reflexology Massage $25/15 min, $50/30 minutes ​​​​​​, $75/45 minutes, $100/60 minutes​
    • This is a relaxing and therapeutic service that focuses the work on the feet in order to achieve effects throughout the entire body. Based in part on the Chinese Meridian Theory and Zone Theory, Reflexology works by applying pressure to specific areas in the feet that refer to organs and regions in the rest of your body to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, initiate the relaxation response, improve sleep, elevate mood, enhance your body's ability to remove wastes, reduce headaches in intensity and frequency, speed healing, and reduce hormonal discomforts. Physically, it can improve the quality of the soft tissue in the feet to relieve plantar fasciitis and reduce neuropathy. 
  • Reflexology, Soak & Scrub package $75/60 minutes
    • Soak your feet in a personalized foot bath to warm and cleanse. Then, a scrub made of salt or sugar and essential oils is used to remove dead skin and debris, clearing the way for better receiving the treatment. The rest of the hour is spent on a heated table to receive your Reflexology Foot Massage.
  • Infant Massage Instruction $75 / 60 minutes (as tolerated by your young one)
  • Chair Massage $5 / 5 minute +$1 / minute 

Spa Services

  • Aromatherapy Session- $20 / 15 minutes
  • Body Scrub $45 / 30 minutes
  • Body Wrap $65 / 60 minutes


  • Myofascial Cupping Add on- $15   Spot work done with Myofascial cups during any other massage service.
  • Aromatherapy Add on- $10   Add up to 3 oils to any Massage Service
  • Hand Paraffin Treatment- $20/ 10 minutes   Great for sore, achy hands. Leaves hands smoother, softer, and revived.
  • Foot Soak- $20/ 15 minutes   Soak your feet in a warm epsom salt bath to soothe and relieve tired feet.
  • Foot Scrub- $20/ 15 minutes   Oils are mixed with salt and sugar to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation. 
  • The Silent Treatment- no charge- Not Feeling Chatty? Need an introspective moment and don’t feel comfortable asking for personal space? We understand. Add on “The Silent Treatment” to any service if you’d prefer to keep conversation to only what’s essential to getting your service done right. Your skilled Massage Therapist will honor your need for a quiet space and time for your treatment. You, however, can cancel this at any point in the service. Just jump in and ask about what’s new in town. Choosing this option will 100% not hurt our feelings! 

Aromatherapy Products

  • Consultation FREE- This is when we discuss what you would like Aromatherapy to do for you and sample some of the Essential Oils I have on hand. From here, we'll make a plan for products I can make for you to purchase and take home with you. Each product is made with your specific health concerns and needs in mind. 
  • Available Immediately:
    • 3mL Roller- $5
    • 15mL Roller- $15
    • 1/2 oz Dropper bottle- $15
    • 1 oz Dropper Bottle- $25
    • 2 oz Dropper bottle- $45
    • 4 oz misting spray bottle- $20
  • Usually Available Next Day:
    • 1 oz scrub- $25
    • 4 oz scrub- $40
  • Usually available within a week:
    • 1 oz salve -$25
    • lip balm- $10
  • Availability depends on delivery from supplier
    • Aromatherapy Diffuser
    • Specific Oils not already in stock


  • Public Yomassage® Class $45 per person/ 60-90 min class of up to 5 people
    • A fusion of Restorative Yoga Postures, Hands-on Massage, and mindfulness exercises to help you reduce stress. In each class, I guide you into each posture, ensure that everyone is comfortable, and then I massage the areas of the body that I have access to. By the end, everyone receives a full Restorative Yoga session, a full body massage, tips on self care and a full meditation. Yomassage® was created in order to make therapeutic touch and mindfulness more accessible and affordable for more people. The public class environment is ideal for people new to massage or yoga and requires NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE to enjoy.
  • Private Small Group Yomassage® Class $55 per person/ 90 min 3-5 people
    • Reserve the Yoga Room Facility for your small group of friends for a relaxation experience together. Fruit infused water or iced tea is available as a special treat for your special group. You can choose your theme from our catalog of options or request a unique one specially written for your group.
  • Private Large Group Yomassage® Class $55 per person/ 90-120 min 4-10 people
    • Reserve the Yoga Room Facility for your small group of friends for a relaxation experience together. Fruit infused water or iced tea is available as a special treat for your special group. You can choose your theme from our catalog of options or request a unique one specially written for your group.
  • Private Couples Yomassage® Session $65 per person ($130 total for the couple) 60-75 min
    • Reserve the Yoga Room Facility for exclusively for you and your special friend for a relaxation experience together. Fruit infused water or iced tea is available as a special treat for your special group. The theme is love of self, love of each other, and love for all.
  • Yomassage® Class at YOUR location: $55/per person + $25 travel fee (lots of things to transport)
    • To book a class at your location, I'll need a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people. It'll require enough space for all participants, including me, to have a yoga mat with about 8-12" between them for the props. I'll bring everything needed for the class. All you have to do is participate and relax! Standard Private Small Group Yomassage® pricing and travel fee will apply.


  • Morning Meditation:
    • Tuesday-Friday @ 7:30am, 10-20 min, $5 drop in rate. Memberships are available.
  • Mixed level Class:
    • Tuesday-Friday @ 10am, Every other Saturday @ 9am, 1 hour, $20 drop in rate. Memberships are available.
  • Laid Back Lunch Break:
    • Tue/Thur @ 11:30am-1pm, Yoga Nidra for 10-90 min (your choice). $10 drop in rate. Memberships are available.
  • Yoga for a Cause:
    • Tuesdays @ 5:30pm, 1 hour. $20. 50% of all proceeds from this class goes directly to the cause or Organization we are sponsoring. Call us or see our Facebook Page for more information.
  • Family Yoga:
    • Fridays @ 5:30pm, 1 hour, $20 for whole family group (up to 4 people). Each additional person is $5.


The Focus Group: 1 month- Unlimited Morning Meditations- $25

The Nap Pack: 1 month- Unlimited Laid Back Lunches- $25

The Yoga Regular- 1 month- Unlimited Mixed Level and Restore classes- $45

Unlimited Indivudual Yoga Membership- includes all 3 memberships above- $80