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Yes, Folks, we are still here, and so is the pandemic.

COVID-19 stuff:

  • Face masks are still a requirement so long as the state mandates are in place, whether or not you've already received your vaccine(s).
  • We'll still check your temperature at the door for entry and we continue to space out our appointments to allow adequate time to properly sanitize and sterilize between appointments. However, if you have a family member (or 2 or 3...), you can make your appointments within 15 minutes of each other since we assume you are already sharing each other's air and we won't need to ventilate between you, but you'll need to talk to our staff to book that closely together. 
  • If you feel sick, call us to reschedule or cancel your appointment. You will not be charged the "Late Cancel" fee or "No Show" fee if you call us to let us know what's going on. Now, if you just don't show up, we have no way of knowing the situation and charges will be assessed.

There's also been some rumors going around. Let me put those to rest:

  • I take many precautions in excess of the minimum requirements for the care and treatment of my patients, clients, and guests. TRUE
    • I or my staff chemically disinfect all surfaces of the massage room and bathrooms between each and every client.
    • I or my staff chemically disinfect the Yoga room floor prior to each class to protect all students from passive infection from droplets falling to and accumulating on the floor.
    • I or my staff use UV sterilization in the massage room after each session to ensure that all disease causing organisms are rendered inert so that even the most vulnerable of my patrons can feel safe entering the building and receiving services.
    • I use air purifiers in the massage room, reception/gift shop, and several in the yoga room.
    • All guests and staff are required to wear face masks that cover their nose and mouth for the duration of their time on site. 
  • I wear gloves during treatments. TRUE. Not only do I wear non-latex gloves during all massage and body work services, I also use arm covers, when necessary. I find that this is a prudent use of Universal Precautions, especially during a pandemic, to minimize possible transmission of infectious materials and protect my most vulnerable patrons. 
    • Universal Precautions, as most practitioners were taught during their tenure at school and in clinical practice thereafter, minimizes the transference of non-pandemic infections as well [i.e. athlete's foot, herpes simplex (cold sores), verruca vulgaris skin infections (warts), boils, common cold, etc.]. 
    • As a side note: I live on a farm and care for my animals, garden, and family when I am not at the studio. These activities can leave my hands a little rough or raw, despite my use of hand protection. I have found the gloves to be a friendly protector for myself as well as my clients in the event of scrapes and scratches on my hands. 

Changes for Growth:

  • We are currently looking for another Licensed Massage Therapist and another Yoga Teacher to help us meet growing demand. Submit your resume at the studio or email it to Massage Therapists must hold a valid, current AL Massage License and have liability insurance coverage. Yoga Teachers must show training, experience and their Liability insurance coverage. Yoga Alliance registry is preferred, but all will be considered. These are Part time, Contractor positions.
  • Yoga classes are offered weekly. Most classes will be in person and most of them will be filmed and offered virtually through Zoom. Our schedule is posted on our website (below and on it's new tab on the right!), on our Facebook Page as Events, and in our App. It is our intention to make Yoga and it's many benefits accessible to everyone, no matter your age, physical ability, size, or financial status. 
    • Midweek Mindfulness is a new Yoga class that we've started offering in February. It combines Mindfulness practices and gentle Yoga movements to enhance your calm and increase your resilience. It is ideal for beginners or folks with limited mobility. The Drop in rate is $20 and memberships are available.

    • Don't Fall on your Asana is a new in-person Yoga Class that we'll be offering the Last Friday of the month @ 5:30pm. It is a BYOB Yoga class meant to be fun, de-stressing... and maybe a bit sassy! This is a moving class, so please let me know if you have any movement restrictions BEFORE class so I can account for them while planning the routine. This class is $25/per person and is not included in our memberships due to it's special nature. 

    • Family Yoga Classes are now offered Wednesdays at 4pm. They are fun for the whole family and affordable: only $5/person. Let the kidddos work off some extra energy while you find your bliss amongst the chaos. 

    • Due to Social Distancing needs, space is limited and we can have up to 10 people per in-person class or 20 for the Family Yoga class. There will be a waitlist option if an in-person class is full. That way, should someone cancel, the 1st person on the list will be notified, etc..

    • Check the Yoga Schedule Page for our Membership information.

  • Our retail shelves have grown into our "Hippy Dippy Gift Shop"! We now offer Malicious Women Co. Candles, Natural Home and Health Products by Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, incense, incense burners, smudge sticks and more. We'll soon offer polished stones, jewelry, wind chimes, and all things Hippy Dippy! Come on in to see our current selection!
  • The 30 minute classes (Yoga for Kids and Their Adults) that we offer in conjunction with Charles Henderson Child Healthcare Center are STILL free and posted to our Facebook Page (@metimetroy) by 3:30pm by Fridays. (sometimes they are posted earlier..)
  • Yomassage® is still available for Private Couples or Small Groups who are familiar with each other. Public Classes will return when it is safe to do so.
  • Toni and Me Time LLC is working to provide Brain Break videos for Goshen Elementary School and other Pike County Schools. If there's something you'd like to see that meets this purpose, please contact us at We'd love to hear from you!


Me Time LLC invites you to take care of yourself so that you can continue to do ALL the things you do. Work duties, family responsibilities, social obligations, and more can be rewarding and very fulfilling, but can ultimately cause you stress that can impact you on a physical level, psychological level, and emotional level.

At Me Time LLC, we are committed to helping our community reduce stress and pain and enhance their health and well-being through evidence based massage, bodywork (including Reflexology, Cupping, Yomassage®, Aromatherapy), and proven self-care methods including Yoga, meditation, educational workshops and community events. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information, scheduling initial consultation, and to find out how Me Time LLC can help you achieve your optimal health.

Therapeutic Massage

Me Time LLC provides Professional Massage Therapy and Bodywork at OUR STUDIO LOCATION at 419 South 3 Notch St Troy, AL 36081 Office: 334-770-0419 Call or Text Toni Directly: 334-434-3921

Our Massage & Bodywork includes: Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Aromatherapy, Prenatal Massage, Hot or Cold Stone Massage, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Myofascial Cupping, Fire Cupping, and combinations to suit your needs. Whether you need a massage to relax or need to treat a medical condition, we're here to help you.


Join us for Yomassage® at OUR STUDIO LOCATION. Public Classes will cost $45 per person and will start again once all COVID-19 restrictions have relaxed. 

Private group options, however, are available and can be booked like an appointment:

  • Private Couples Yomassage® Sessions are offered for $130 per couple ($65 each person). This will be a LOVE themed 1 hour class and include sparkling juice for refreshments after a wonderfully relaxing experience. You can schedule this like any appointment, but we'll require a $10 deposit when you book.
  • Know a group of people that have quarantined together and need to relax and unwind a bit? Book a Yomassage® Class as a group event for your Study group, coworkers, Church group, Family, etc. Must book at least 1 week in advance for weeknights or request weekend group class as and we'll see what dates and times work best for all parties. $10/person deposit is required. The cost is $55/person ($45 after deposit).


Click the schedule here or use our Me Time LLC app (available for iOS or Android Phones and tablets) to book a class. If you are trying to book a class within 3 hours of the start time, call us to hold your spot. We have limited space to be able to social distance properly, so please book ahead to hold your spot. If you are not comfortable attending a class in person, we have a Zoom option so you can attend class from anywhere.


Massage management software


Me Time LLC gladly accepts Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, HSA and FSA as forms of payment. (Please note that HSAs & FSAs will not approve gratuity, Yoga or workshops. Your account manager may request an itemized invoice or receipt to verify the charges. This will be emailed to you when payment is rendered. Check your Spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.)

According to the Mayo clinic: